New Zealand Qualifications Authority

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is responsible for ensuring PTE’s comply with the policies and criteria relating to a PTE’s accreditation.
It does this through a formal accountability process called External Evaluation and Review (EER) which informs Government, stakeholders and interested parties on performance areas.
ATET was visited by NZQA in May 2015 to undertake an EER.
This included a review on Governance, management and strategy as well as the Hospitality and Life Skills and Retail and Hospitality Course.
NZQA assessed us as “Good” in all areas of assessment.
This has given us a rating of “Confident” in Educational Performance, and “Confident” in Capability in Self-assessment.
EER reports are public information and are available for you to view on the NZQA website by following this link to NZQA.